As a child, for as long as I can remember I had dreamt of someday being in television. My dream was not to be on camera, but behind it. To be a creator of visual content that would be enjoyed be all who would watch.

It was the fall of 1992, I’m 16 and I just happen to be home from school because of an earlier dentist appointment. Surprisingly I receive a call from the news director of the local Fox affiliate. The station had recently begun to offer a weekend newscast and to staff the studio cameras they decided to experiment. One college student and one high school student were chosen. I was that high school student. I had heard about it from my drama teacher and applied after school. Weeks later I had forgotten all about it and figured I wasn’t chosen, that is until I got that call. We spoke for 20 minutes, a series of questions, a long pause…and then ”come down to the station and fill out some paperwork and let’s get you started.” He hired me right there over the phone.

I spent almost 5 years at the Fox station, absorbing as much information as my mind and body would take. More than 20 years later, I am still that 16-year-old eager to learn. Only these days the projects are much more complicated but the spirit is still there, to learn and grow.

Over the years I have been directly involved in literally hundreds of video projects. I have directed countless live broadcasts, I have held almost every position in broadcast and have become an invaluable resource for every organization I have had the pleasure to work.